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Original and Interesting Argumentative Essay Examples

We’ve all seen them. You pull up Google, travel to a writing site or just stumble across one by accident. Argumentative essay examples are everywhere – on writing sites, in research databases, on personal pages. Even offers examples of argumentative essays to inspire and motivate our clients to use our services! An argument essay example can be a powerful thing – but only if you use it respectfully.

In today’s fast-paced, get-it-done-yesterday type society, many students feel pressured to pump out essays at lightning speed. For many students, this is simply an impossible task. Feeling no other option is available, they end up utilizing the one free, widely accessible resource they have – argumentative essay samples. A sample could be a full-written essay or a competent starting paragraph, which will at least help students get the ball rolling. Either way, using a sample argument essay as the backbone to your paper is an ill-informed choice. There’s a reason that offers custom written papers and not pre-written samples – and here’s why.

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The Wrong Way to Use a Sample Essay

If you took long enough to ponder the concept yourself, you’d realize very quickly why using a sample of an argumentative essay for your assignment is a poor choice. First, an argumentative essay sample will lack your particular tone and writing style – making the teacher a little more than suspicious about the origin of your paper. At the same time, just because the paper is pre-written doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a quality paper. Many times, an example argumentative essay is a rough, poorly supported paper. After all, it’s just a sample – it’s no being turned in for a grade or sold for profit. It’s a quick write-up to give customers an idea of what an argumentative essay would look like.

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In the end, you sacrifice a majority of writing quality (and put yourself at risk for plagiarism accusations) when you use an example of an argumentative essay instead of a custom written one. At, we make sure that customers know our samples are for display and presentations purposes only – if you decide to copy and paste a sample to use as your school paper, we believe you are making an extremely poor choice. Don’t be deluded by how easy it might seem. Using an argument essay sample for your assignment is possibly the worst academic decision you can make.




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Why Custom-Written is Better

Custom-written assignments will be leagues better than any stale essay example every single time. At, the reason for this is simple. An argumentative essay example will not have your tone and writing style; by working one-on-one with your hand-chosen writer, and communicating on a constant basis, we can ensure that every argumentative essays sounds like it was written by your hand. On the other hand, a sample argumentative essay will be easy to pick up in a plagiarism checker, which all teachers have on hand. This means losing all your credibility and your entire academic standing! A custom-written paper, however, won’t pop up in a plagiarism scan.

Custom-written papers by native English-speaking writers ensure quality, whereas sample argumentative essays ensure mediocrity and defeat. Don’t use an example of an argumentative essay instead of a custom-written paper just because you’re pressed for time or money. At, we can deliver you quality work on an overnight deadline through a dependable, never-fail email delivery system. Plus, free revisions await if you aren’t happy with your essay result. When purchasing a custom-written paper is so easy, beneficial and quality-assured, why would you even bother copying argumentative essay examples? Let steer you away from poor decisions and back towards academic success.