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Top Essay Topics For High School, College and Graduate Papers

Essays are, let’s face it, dull. Nobody really wants to write an essay. However, you can compensate by choosing essay topics that are truly intriguing to your general audience. Don’t think there’s such a thing as good topics for persuasive essays, good psychology essay topics or other great essay subjects? Take a look at these interesting essay topics for high school students and college students:

  • The transition form high school to college.
  • The current U.S. economy.
  • Video games: how have they changed today’s youth?
  • How to dramatically reduce pollution.
  • Drinking laws and how they encourage underage drinking.
  • Terrorism and it’s global affects
  • Online learning: is it as valid as traditional learning?
  • Homework workload and student’s stress levels.
  • Poor eating: a plague on America
  • Factors in relationships: age and sexuality

Any of them seem like good reads? That’s because they’re based off of topics relevant to today’s society. To learn more about the secret to interesting and unique essay topics, take a look at some of the secret strategies used by the world’s best essay developers.

Pulling from the News – How to Find Good Topics for Argumentative Essays

You’re being bombarded with new topics for essays pretty much every single day – you just may not know it. Every single article, television story, magazine cover or online news coverage is another chance to locate intriguing, or even funny persuasive essay topics. Take a look at the following good argumentative essay topics, or possibly good topics for persuasive essays that have their route in a breaking news story:

  • Civil unions and the right for gay marriage
  • The Connecticut shooting and the argument for more gun control
  • Uprisings in Syria: How to find peace
  • Technology in the workplace: good or bad for the American worker?
  • Organic food: is it really better?
  • Required to vote: should it be law?
  • Public education’s need to incorporate more technology
  • The issue of taxing unhealthy food
  • The Economy: how to build a more stable future
  • Cell phone bans, speed cameras and other driving laws: too heavy?

Drawing From What You Love – High School Essay Topics You’ll Want to Write

The most persuasive material is always the kind with the most passion behind it – it’s hard to disagree. Why do you think Martin Luther King Jr. was such a successful speech writer? He was passionate about his topic – passionate about civil rights. If you want to come up with ideas for compare and contras essays, reflective essay topics and, perhaps most significantly, good persuasive essay topics, then you need to focus on what you love to write about – and the ideals your passionate about. Do any of these possible topics spark your interest?

  • Why students should receive sex education.
  • Why prayer should be allowed in schools.
  • Why gun regulations should be reevaluated.
  • Why there should be counseling requirements prior to marriage.
  • Why Americans should only purchase American-made products.
  • Why gay couples should have the same adoption rights.
  • Why government censorship should be increased.
  • Why high school students should receive work and life-training skills.
  • Why Spanish should be required language learned in schools.
  • Why America should convert to the metric system.

Putting Heads Together – Writing Topics for High School Students

Let’s face it – coming up with topics on your own is a trying task. You can pour through every news story, sum up all your interests and still come up with a poor persuasive essay topic. Using a brainstorming session where ideas, questions and topic possibilities are shared between friends can be a great way to generate new ideas and eliminate weak ones. At the same time, discussion leads to improvements on compare and contrast essay topics, which are typically a hard assignment to approach. Take the following comparison and contrast essay topics – all generated from an interesting discussion between high school friends in Connecticut.

  • United States education and European education
  • Home schooling and public schooling
  • Facebook and Google Plus
  • Physical social interaction and non-physical social interaction
  • Teen pregnancy and teen abstinence
  • Overbearing parenting and lenient parenting
  • Islamic extremists and Christian extremists
  • Egypt’s former government and it’s current government
  • The American diet and the Japanese diet
  • Deep sea exploration and Space exploration

In the conversation, the students discussed how their education was different from other types of education. They then went on to talk about the use of more technology in school. This led to talk of Facebook, which led to talk of the differences in online or “non-physical” interaction. As the conversation progressed, more and more interesting comparison/contrast essay topics came to light. Remember, this kind of interactive application can not only be used for compare and contrast essay ideas, but for high school essay topics of any nature.

Contrast essay topics aren’t the only possibility with brainstorming, though. Problem solving essay topics also generate more frequently in a group. Take the topics generated by this same group of peers at a different time:

  • How to reduce American dependability on oil.
  • How to reduce American dependability on imports.
  • How to empower students to become more politically active.
  • How to reduce teen pregnancy rates.
  • How to cut superfluous spending.
  • How to boost the American economy.
  • How to find and obtain a job in a tough market.
  • How to improve the effectiveness of public education.
  • How to manage special needs children.
  • How to decrease American poverty rates.

With these strategies, you can develop interesting and unique topics in no time at all. Don’t be afraid to put them into practice: you have nothing to lose, right? Have fun, and get yourself writing today!

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