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The Best College Essay Examples and Samples

The world wide web has examples of everything. You can find handwriting samples from celebrities, entire books for free, how-to guides and so much more. It seems you can find anything on the net these days – so couldn’t that possibly include solutions to your college essay problems?

There are many solutions to your essay writing needs on the internet – but some are better than others. One very easy, tempting option is to use college essays samples. A college essay example is a free example of what a college essay should be. It could be on any subject, written in any tone or format, and thousands could be available online – either for purchase or for free. For many students, it just sounds too good to be true. You could simply grab an example college essay and use it for your next assignment! You get the work done with little to no effort, and most of the time, these college essay samples are written well.

Plagiarism – the First Curse of Sample College Essays

Now, using a sample college essay is not the same as plagiarism. It’s not as though you hunted down previous essays and purposefully copied and pasted them under your name. Intentional plagiarism is a serious act of dishonesty and most students would never dream of stooping at low. Using an example of a college essay, however, does not strike most students as the same thing – and in many ways, it isn’t. However, using example college essays will make you vulnerable to the same accusations as plagiarism. Plus, since these example college essays are so easy to find, your teacher is bound to locate your source through s quick Google search. All in all, you’re flirting with failure from the moment you look into samples of college essays.

Inconsistent – the Second Issue with College Essay Examples

Another huge issue that arises when you use examples of college essays instead of custom written work is the problem with inconsistency. Let’s say you buy a college essay sample – or better yet, get one for free. You turn it into your teacher, a little nervous that she might suspect something, but hoping that you can scrape by. Hoping against hope, your paper s returned – with a good grade! Your teacher didn’t suspect a thing! This sample college essay idea worked out like a dream!

Here’s the thing. Even if there are sample college essays that worked for you the first time around, this isn’t a persistent technique you can use. Continual use of sample essays – which are all written by different writers in different style and with different organization –is going to peak some eyebrows among your professors. Eventually, you will end up with the same problem – accusations of dishonesty and plagiarism.

The Better Choice

By now, we’re hoping it’s become pretty clear that even the best college essay examples can have serious drawbacks that affect your academic career and you’re your personal life. So, what do you do instead?

The best option for you, if you’re struggling with an essay assignment and don’t want to risk the dangers of college essays examples, is to have an essay custom written. Even examples of good college essays are no match for a completely authentic, handwritten, original essay from an educated writer. At, we have educated, native English-speaking writers available 24/7. These individuals can compose college essays complete unlike anything else on the internet.

They are written entirely from scratch and completely free of plagiarism. Plus, using the same writing continually will allow every essay you purchase with us to have the same tone and style (incorporating your personal style through constant communication). So don’t be swayed by the seemingly easy-to-use college essay samples. Get a custom written paper and ensure your academic future.

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