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Helpful College Essay Tips and Advice

Do you ever wish someone had pulled you aside and given you the breakdown of college life, before you went to college. In hindsight, many college students will admit that they weren’t prepared for the difficult nature of college assignments, and they’re regretting it now. Overwhelmed by work, unable to find time for their assignments and receiving poor grades, these students needed some essay advice a long time ago. Now, is offering that assistance.

The primary desire of students, in the midst of all their college work, is a desire for college essay tips. Too often, writing services on the web push this angle: “We can write your essay for you! Let us do your essay!” While this can be a helpful service, in many cases, students don’t want this. They simple want some tips for college essays that can help them survive the next few academic years. Plus, many students aren’t willing to pay the high price that comes with many essay writing services. At, we believe that college essay tips, tricks and advice should be available to every student, free of charge. So, without further delay, here are our tips to writing a college essay.

College Essay Tips

  1. Write with correct mechanics. This should go without saying, but many times students forget to use spell check or review for grammatical errors before turning in assignments. This piece of college essay advice is often overlooked because students are so exhausted from writing the essay that they don’t want to spend the time reviewing it. However, a few more minutes out of your day won’t kill you, and it will help you catch small errors that would otherwise decrease the quality of your essay.
  2. Write passionately. Now, you don’t need to go into a long soliloquy about business economics when writing an essay, but you should have some gusto behind the writing. Don’t write flat. Change up your sentences, use writing tricks like questioning and story support, and you’ll have a much more entertaining and intriguing piece.
  3. Make time to write. The biggest tip that college students need is to work on their time management. Too often, students do poorly on essays because they “ran out of time” on the assignment and ended up completing it last minute. This doesn’t need to happen if you plan ahead, setting aside time to work on your writing. It’s a small tip, and takes very little time to set up a schedule, but it has a huge impact on your ability to complete your essay on time.
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