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Does Homework Have an Influence on Your Future?

Students don't like to do homework – it's the age-old fact. But, doing homework is an essential part of everyone's education, and it will probably remain that way in the future. Yet, it's interesting how there is a heated debate in academic circles almost every year regarding the pros and cons of doing homework, followed by a raft of studies and research which are in favor of one hypothesis or another. Teachers have their opinions, but regardless of what they think, they are required by their school districts to give students homework.

And then there are parents, which think their children are burdened with too much schoolwork as it is. Plus, they have to spend a lot of time with them after school providing homework help, when they could be spending time outside playing. However, it turns out that 57% of them agree with educators when it comes to the amount of homework they children are given, according to a poll conducted by the Associated Press in 2016. Also, there was another survey, conducted by MetLife in 2017, which showed that almost 90% of parents actually enjoyed helping their children with homework, because they could spend more quality time together.

Research Results

But, opinions can only take us so far. It is only the research data which can provide us with the complete picture and the actual truth about homework effectiveness. By comparing two groups of students, one which is given homework on a regular basis, and one which is given no homework at all. According to test results across numerous studies, those students which developed a habit of doing homework regularly had better tests results than their peers which didn't do any homework at all.

There are other studies which demonstrate that homework has very little effect on the academic performance of elementary school students. However, this information should be viewed from a different perspective. Elementary school students are younger, which means they are not just more easily distracted when it comes to their homework, but they also haven't had the time to develop proper studying habits. Also, there is another factor which needs to be taken into account, and that is the amount of homework given to students. More doesn't necessarily equal more, or vice versa.

How Much Homework

Although there haven't been many studies which have explored this aspect of doing homework, according to the National Education Association, the time children spend doing their homework should be set according to their age, ranging from 10-20 minutes per day for K-2 student, to 30-50 minutes per day for students in grades 3-6. For older students, the amount of homework should vary according to the needs of the subject. When done in moderation, homework does improve one's test results and overall academic performance.

Other Benefits

In addition to academic performance, homework can be beneficial for developing discipline and good studying and working habits throughout adolescence, as well as later in life. Becoming a responsible adult which is capable of dealing with the challenges of everyday life can be helped by this practice early on. Let's check out some of the examples of famous people which demonstrate that being diligent and hard-working pays off:

Infographic - Does Homework Influence on Your Future?

All things considered, homework does a lot more good than harm, and since there haven't been any alternative methods which have proven to be more efficient, it should remain a part of education. Of course, this requires constant collaboration of parents, teachers, educators, and experts in order to prepare the children for the future.

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