How to focus on homework

You have to finish that English paper about a 20th-century novel, those math problems that you do not understand, the lab report for the biology class and learn for the History test. How could you possibly manage all that? In this situation, you can easily get frustrated and anxious and not able to focus on what you have to do or find motivation to do homework.

Focusing on your homework can be difficult, especially when the assignments are complicated, lengthy and when you are pressured by deadlines. Fortunately, there are strategies that can help you do homework effectively and in due time.

1. Make a plan

If you’re wondering how to focus on homework, the first step would be to write down in a planner or notebook all the assignments that you have to complete. Before you leave school, make sure that you have understood your homework, how the assignment will be graded and when it is due.

2. Prioritize

You should complete first the tasks for which you will get a higher percentage of your grade and those that are more complex. Check the assignment list that you have created, rank each one according to its importance, think how much time you need to complete each task and decide the order you will complete them.

3. Plan the time

The secret on how to finish homework fast is to plan your time. Take into consideration your after-school activities and whatever other chores you have to perform. Set a specific time to start your homework and allow a certain amount of time for each task. Take a 5-minute break between the assignments. It can be hard for some people to focus for several hours continuously.

4. Study area

Find a well lit place in which to make your study area. You’d better place your desk in front of the window. Good lighting will keep you focused and prevent you from falling asleep or let your thoughts wander. Do not sit on a sofa or a bed. Instead, choose a comfortable chair that does not hurt your shoulders or back when you sit for several hours.

5. Keep distractions away

Another secret on how to get motivated to do homework is to remove all distractions. No TV, no phones, no electronics, no noises and no people talking around you. Turn off social media and your cell phones and make sure you do not see or hear the TV. Avoid doing your homework in the living room or the kitchen, where other family members are likely to be making noise. Let your family know when you are doing homework, so they will not distract you.

You can play some classical music if this helps you focus and drown out other annoying noises. It would be a good idea to have some healthy snacks and water in your study space. You will not be tempted to go to the kitchen and get them, and you will not get hungry.

6. Choose the day time when you focus the best

Each person has a specific time during the day when he/she works best. You can try an experiment with this to see when you concentrate the most. After having lunch or dinner might not be the best moment to do your homework. You can also work in half an hour or one-hour intervals with 5 minutes breaks between the assignments.

There are many pros and cons of homework, some people thinking that it’s totally useless and too much for students, while others are acknowledging its benefits for the students’ development into responsible adults. Until a final choice is made upon the necessity of homework, the best that you can do is to focus on your assignments and get them done in time.

Eric Jenkins has always been fascinated with the stories of the past and how they shape the world. It is this passion that leads him to pursue a degree in history. To ensure that he continues to do what he is passionate about, Martin works as a freelancer and researcher.

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