Most common essay types for students

Any student knows that essays can become a complicated business, especially if you are not sure about the rules of each type of essay. So if you do not want to mess up your grades, just because you do not know the main essay types and the rules for each of them, read on and find out how you can nail your next essay.

1. Expository essay

Only by reading its name you might think “I definitely need some essay help on this one.” Regarding the expository essay you just have to know that it requires investigating and presenting an idea, evaluating the evidence and having an argument to support the presentation. This type of essay is usually written through contrast and comparison, example, definition and the analysis of cause and effect. Here is the structure that you should have in mind:

  • Create an expansive and clear thesis statement in the first paragraph, which will follow the assignment’s guidelines.
  • Make a clear transition between the introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. This way you will have a logical path, helping the reader stay focused and follow your ideas.
  • Include evidence to support your thesis statement and present only one idea in each paragraph
  • In the conclusion, you should discuss the evidence that you revealed

Follow these steps and you will have the best essay writing skills when it comes to expository essays. This type of essay can be compared to debates and pro and con conversations.

2. Descriptive essay

In a descriptive essay writing, you should remember that you have to describe something. Yes, as easy as that. You have more artistic freedom compared to the expository essay, and you will be able to create an image in the readers’ minds. This type of essay does not have a specific format, but there are some steps that you should consider following.

  • Before you even begin writing the essay, you should brainstorm. Write down some ideas around which you will create your essay.
  • Use descriptive words and do not limit yourself only to what you saw. Describe the other sense too, what you heard, what you smelled, what you tasted and what you touched.
  • Feelings and emotions are crucial for your description. Remember that you have to paint a picture in your readers’ minds and connect them at an emotional level.
  • Although a descriptive essay gives you more freedom to create a custom essay you should still keep it organized if you do not want to lose your reader on the way.

3. Narrative essay

A narrative essay implies a story about a real life experience, and it’s similar to memoirs. Writing about yourself is not as easy as it might seem. You have to involve the reader by creating a story that is as vivid as possible. You are the essay writer and the character at the same time. These guidelines that will help you get a clearer image of this type of essay.

  • Include all the parts of a story such as a plot, characters, setting, etc.
  • Always have a point.
  • Pick a point of view and keep it throughout your essay. For this type of essay the common one is the first person.

4. Persuasive essay

Also known as an argumentative essay, the persuasive essay is similar to the expository one. You have to explore a topic and collect and evaluate evidence. The difference is that you will have to present both the pros and cons of the topic and also include your opinion. If in the expository essay you just present facts, in the persuasive essay you have to convince the readers to accept your recommendation and point of view. To create your essay you will have to use logic, facts, examples, sound reasoning and expert opinion.
Although these essays are not difficult to create, you might need some writing help from an experienced writer until you get the grasp of it.

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