Succeed With Your Next Argumentative Essay At School

One of the most common mistakes that students make when they write an argumentative essay is that they focus too much on the side they agree with and fail to write enough about the opposing argument. A successful paper will equally weigh up the two (or more) arguments before making a conclusion based on the supporting evidence and research. Below is a process that many students use in order to gain higher marks and increase their overall grades:

Select a suitable topic for your argumentative essay

Your preliminary research should be done at this very early stage, as it will help you decide whether you have chosen a suitable topic for your paper. Is there enough evidence? Are the arguments in the research strong enough to make a good point? Are you interested in the topic? Although being interested in the topic will certainly help you complete an effective and engaging essay, it is important that you can back up your ideas with evidence found during the main research stage.

Research both sides of the topic

You are now ready to start doing the bulk of your research. You already know that there is lots of supporting evidence for the subject you have selected, so you can now start looking at each argument and the surrounding information in more depth. As previously mentioned, it is vital that the research you do shows that you have fully looked into both arguments – even if you originally support one side more than the other on a personal level. There is nothing wrong with changing your mind as you learn more about the subject, so delve into both areas and start noting down the main points. Avoid using low-quality sources and read as many of the texts on the reading list if you have been supplied with one. You don’t necessarily have to start forming the structure of your paper at this point; the main aim of this stage is to gather information and understand the opposing sides of the argument.

Write the main body of text

Now that you have a list of points and the corresponding evidence/information, you are ready to begin writing. Discuss the first side of your argument thoroughly, including all of the relevant details that have surfaced while reading. You may wish to get in touch with an essay writing service at this stage, as many of them hire professional writers that can complete tasks like this in no time. One that comes highly recommended by many students is – all you need to do is send them the specifications for your assignment and they will complete your essays for you. It is a good idea to discuss your points in order of importance because this will allow the teacher to see that you have understood the importance of the arguments and information in your sources. When you have completed this section for the first argument, repeat it for the opposing side.

Take a position and support it with evidence

The previous part of your paper should lead nicely into the next section: your position. You will now have the opportunity to state your opinion and go into more detail about the evidence that supports it. Discuss which statistics or facts have led you to form your own opinion by referring to the details in the previous paragraphs and the extensive research you have carried out to support it. Although you want to re-iterate your position in this section, make sure that you are not simply repeating details that have already mentioned earlier on in the paper. Good essay writing focuses on the most important information and then expands on it to convince the reader of what you are saying.

Write an introduction and conclusion

Although some students write the introduction at the beginning of the process, we recommend that you save it until the end. It is much easier to introduce what you have already written about, as opposed to introducing a general, not-yet-researched idea. This is particularly the case if you are completing a thesis and need to write a statement at the beginning which will serve as your introduction. Your conclusion will summarize the main findings and perhaps make way for the next stage of research that is required to further support your evidence. You may also like to include any differences between your current position and the one you had prior to researching the topic.

By following this process you will have specific stages that will help you to complete the assignment in a logical order. Review your work, looking at both spelling/grammar and the content, before you hand it in to the teacher. And remember, if you need essay help at any time, ask for it before you start feeling stressed about the task at hand.

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